Product-Jute Bag. There are Different Jute Shopping Bags in our Collection. Every day there is new artwork from designers and new bag type from our stitching department. The two teams experiment with bags regularly. We have peoples with passion in this team.


Jute Fabric Is natural Fabric. It IS made from plant fibre in a very manpower INTENSIVE process. the fibre is produced in the field and moved to factory. it is woven mechanically there mechanically using latest machines of jute industry. Next the fabric is dyed and laminated for use in for bag making. Jute is long, soft, shiny and can be spun into coarse, strong threads. It is produced primarily from plants. With these threads we produce fabric in factory. Product-jute bag solely depends on the jute fibre.
Jute fiber is 100% bio-degradable and recyclable and thus environmentally friendly. Jute has low pesticide and fertilizer needs. the best source of jute in the world is the Bengal Delta Plain in the Ganges Delta in India. Now as we procure the fabric of your choice we cut it in sizes asked by the consumer, screen print it according to the artwork and sew  to make a beautiful green bag for you. YOU CAN CHOOSE DIFFERENT TECHNOLOGY USE ALSO LIKE LASER CUT FLOWER ATTACHMENT, EMBROIDERY ETC. different embellishment of wood can be fitted to make the bag fancy.

Cotton Fabric Is another natural Fabric used in garment industry, furnishing industry and is a very skin friendly fabric. Thicker oz Cotton like 10 oz , 14 oz is used extensively to make tote bags. they are seen as an alternative to plastic bags. these bags are fashionable, soft in handling, re-usable multiple times. Not only do many stores offer inexpensive or even free tote bags at the register, they’ve also become a common marketing tool stamped with logos and used by nonprofits and businesses as promotional gifts. Now we are substituting plastic bag with Cotton and Canvas Bag and also as a fashion accessory. as the Product-Jute Bag is eco friendly cotton fabric made bags are also eco friendly.