Jute Shopping Bags
Jute Shopping Bags
Jute Drawstring Wine Bag
Wine bottle bags

Jute Wine Bottle Bags, Two Bottled Wine bags, Promotional Wine Bags are great giveaway bags by Wine Dealer. There are two bottles bags, three bottled wine bags and six bottled bags. This Jute Bag can be Customised in variety of shapes and can be matched in prices according to the need. People need a bag whenever they shop a delicate glass bottle of wine. If the person is canot carrying a bag the retailer has the option to promote his brand shop by giving him or selling a wine bottle bag. It can be PVC or plastic but the Sturdy Jute Bag gives more cushion to the breakable wine bottle, feels safer in hand. 

The Wine Bottle bag can be designed in numerous shapes and types with many a different handles, can be die cut at the handle, embossed in the body. We can attach see through window to the bag, partition inside the bag and so on. Authentic Bags from our company are stocked by many wine retailers and give way from wine dealers.