Shopping-Bag made of Jute is sometimes called bag-for-life in England. You can use this type of bag many times. It is an alternative to single-use paper or plastic bags. It is made from natural fibre fabric Jute. Jute shopping-bag is a kind of carrier bag, which are available as Promotionals for supermarkets and retail shops. Once we print the brand name it acts double to promote the business and as carrier. If used once per week, two reusable bags can replace 600 plastic bags in 365 days.

Jute shopping bag

Shopping-Bag of jute is very popular bag. The jute Fibre has natural look, very strong build and perfect as carrier Bag. If you support the Ecoliving concept then we bet you will love the bags. The simple bags are friendly to marketers. When anyone carries her shopped item in the bag there is no fear of snapping , the handle grips tightly in the hand and feels comfortable. You compare it with plastic there are so many advantages you get from the Shopping-Bag of Jute.

There are so many variety in Jute Shopping-Bag design. There are so many colours available. As a retailer you can choose to sell the bag off the counter as well distribute them free to progress the brand name. One can chose a natural jute with multicolour logo of the shop printed or embroidered on the bag. The bags can be made with two shades or three different shades of Jute. There can be White as the base Colour also. Then there is Juco which produces great Print effect as well as Embroidery. There can be values added to the Bag like Internal Pockets, Button or Velcro Closure and so on. Whenever you order a bag from our company there is complete scope to customise the Jute Shopping-Bag in every corner.