Jute Fabric Laminated or Unlaminated

Green Unlaminated
unlaminated natural

The first option to choice is Normal Jute or Jute with Lamination . General Drawstring bags goes with unlaminated natural Jute Fabric , But whenever you choice a Good Promotional or Shopping Bag a Laminated Jute is used. Lamination from Inside stiffen the Jute fabric, used mainly for finished Bag Making. It helps to wipe the Bag after use, gives life to the Bag. If the bags shape is to be maintained at perfection, jute fabric with lamination is good. After weaving the Jute comes in Natural yellow colour. There are a lot of colour in print process that goes well with this base colour but the darker the hue it is easy to see. Before developing the artwork one must minutely see the natural coarseness of the Fabric. Jute is a natural rough fibre fabric so theartwork is to developed keeping the roughness character of the fabric in mind. Jute Comes in natural yellow. To convert it into a colourful fabric it is bleached 10 times in Hydrogen Peroxide solution. As it goes through bleaching it is washed and dyed several times before the desired colour arrives. Now depending on the artwork a designer set the jute quality for printing. For artwork with 90 percent white we select a white dyed jute. Also 3-4 colour printing looks well in white bleached dyed jute. The Master colour of the artwork determines which Jute will be selected. Jute is weaved in lot of varieties like 10-11, 12-13, 14-15 etc. For Export our factory selects 14-15 Jute. Better quality than the variety can be ordered from mill but the rates become exorbitant. Jute Fabric comes in Basic Hue like Natural, White, Red, Green, Blue, Black. There are several other hues like peach, grey, beige are also available but before bigger volume purchase it is ordered specially from the mill. It takes some time to process if the colour is not basic. 

There is another fabric called Juco, produces by mixing of Cotton with Jute. The fabric is natural and Eco friendly. Juco is Costlier than Jute but one important advantage of Juco provides is, printing and embroidery looks great on Juco. The Jute industry in Bengal is innovating lot with Jute. With Mix and match during the production period lot of new type of fabric are in line of entry into to the market. We are getting a lot of pre printed and pre textured fabrics with Jute. Also there is Food Grade Juet available for packing of Food Items like Coffee Beans but it is to be custom ordered in big quantity from the mill. It is costly and rare and is used in special purposes only.