Jute bag Sewing Technique

Jute bag making depends on human skill. We have lot of skilled craftsmen who have the experience to sew the bags. There are a master craftsmen who guide his own team to make a project a success. We at Goldencreation take the initiative to increase the skill of the new trainee right from scratch, the way to handle the industrial sewing machine, the needles, the scoring, the bends, folds, angles finishes. A jute Bag making is a very skilled job where Planning is done at the beginning. Now the every parts are distributed to get tailored among the team, each member will be given a specific job to make. Industrial machines are very robust, but needs some experience hands to use them. Our craftsmen are given the knowledge to master the machine to service them for minor breakdown. 

Jute Bag sewing has certain techniques where the person sewing the bag folds the cloth in definite angles, which is to be perfect, the more perfect the angles the seam will meet their place rightly at the end. Every Bag Project is to be Pre Planned meticulously before the production commences. The Master cuts the shapes and the stencils are preserved for future orders. Once the bag is sewed it is carefully looked for loose thread. One who is accustomed to sewing knows there is bound to have loose ends. Before Packaging all are cut and finishes are checked, if necessary ironing done. They are checked for any metal left behind. The bags are Packed in Export quality cartons with Plastic shields to save it from any water spill over. If there is special direction we provide moisture absorbing silica pouches in the cartons also.