screen-exposing unit

GOLDENCREATIONBAG IS UTILISING THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY FOR MAKING OF JUTE BAGS. We are using Automatic Screen Printing Machine of Graphica India to screen print on bags. Manual printing by hand is also running on the side with it. We are using the automatic machine for single colour printing only where curing is a job. We are also using Laser cut Machines from GCC USA and HSG china. The jute strips can be cut to perfection in this method. We Cut Velvet and Fabric Flowers to be stitched on these bags. Also, hand embroidery using laser-cut flowers on the jute bags give a good designer look. Looks of the embroidered jute bags is unique. Another Technology of manufacturing is the Automatic Embroidery machine. We take advantage of numerous Embroidery house in Kolkata and around catering to textile industry. High quality embroidery with silk threads can bring out small design neatly in embroidery. Great quality embroidery of designs and small typefaces can be obtained easily. All these are decoration techniques. Now to make the manufacturing simpler we use Scoring machines on the Laminated Jute to get a better grip on the finishes. There are vacuum tables used during printing. During Screen Printing Frame Making we have to use automatic Screen exposure unit. We are in the process to acquire a machine to automatically stitch the rolled tape handle. Goldencreation Bag in simplifying the Bag manufacturing process using these Technologies along which we are increasing the Finish quality of the End Products. 

Computer Embroidery